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28 March 2023 - 17 February 2024
Brussels, Belgium
European Consumer Summit 2023

How to access the session stream?

Further to the approval of your registration, you can access the sessions by going to the Agenda page (you must be logged in to see this page). 

Sessions with streams are marked with a ‘join online session’ button. The button is greyed out if the session streams are not available yet. It becomes bright green when the session stream is available 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time.

Click the ‘join online session’ in order to access the stream. This will open the session details window on the right. 

In case you have not registered for this event, please note that the sessions will be web streamed as well on this website. 

Plenary session webstream is available on the Welcome page. The workshops webstreams are available on the Workshops page.

Will the event have interpretation?

The interpretation is available for the plenary sessions for all participants in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian. 

Location The EGG, Rue Bara 175, 1070 Brussels
Belgium 261
Germany 40
France 28
Spain 28
Ireland 26
Netherlands 24
Portugal 23
Italy 21
Sweden 18
Latvia 16
Finland 16
Slovenia 15
Croatia 13
Denmark 13
Poland 13
Norway 12
Austria 12
Greece 11
Romania 10
Estonia 10
United Kingdom 10
Hungary 10
Luxembourg 8
Slovakia 8
Lithuania 8
Czech Republic 7
Bulgaria 6
United States 5
Malta 4
Cyprus 3
Liechtenstein 2
Japan 1
Bahamas 1
Côte d'Ivoire 1
Iceland 1
Switzerland 1
Total 686
Profile views
Before event 402
After event 45
Total 447